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Monday, 21 June 2010

TVL Knuckle Dragger Calls

Browsing TV Licence Resistance forums I found the story of newbie poster marcostandy.

Marco, probably not his real name, had an unsolicited visit from one of TV Licensing's representatives. The TV Licensing goon quickly flashed his official looking ID and then set about spouting the usual drivel about £1000 fines, search warrants and sooper-dooper detection equipment so advanced it can tell what you heated up in the microwave last Monday teatime. All complete lies of course, designed to intimidate people who don't know any better.

Marco quite sensibly closed the door on the bedraggled vermin contaminating his line of sight. He then reached for the camera and took a few photos of the aforementioned goon, who by this time was sitting in his car and probably falsifying the visit record.

As all defeated TV scumbags do he uttered something about bringing the police next time before scuttling back under his rock. They rarely do return with the police, because the police hold these quasi-official pondlives in even lower regard than we law abiding non-TV-users do.

A couple of those photos are reproduced below for your viewing pleasure:

So if you work in Jobcentre Plus and see this chap claiming JSA next week you'll know he's on the take. He'll probably be driving the same car, registration number YX51 PXF.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another excellent write up. You certainly know how to ridicule this scum!