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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Another TVL Visitor

This video has just appeared on YouTube.

To his credit this TV Licensing representative has a perfectly pleasant manner during this visit. He doesn't invent any legal jargon and doesn't pretend to have any more powers than he actually does. He just listens to what the householder has to say, makes a quick note of it and leaves.

Note also that, pleasant enough as this chap seems, he is actually visiting the property in breach of the householder's withdrawn implied right of access.


Anonymous said...

Even the most well spoken trespassers are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

I know the person who had that tv cop call on him. He's recieved two shitty letters since the visit. TV licensing are worse than the gestapo

Anonymous said...

7 visits in 7 weeks,but after
using the camera they have not been back!!!