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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

More TVL Stupidity

Browsing the web for TV Licensing related stories I came across the plight of Scots viewer Shaviji Puri.

Mr Puri mistakenly thought he'd paid his £141.50 telly tax in full, so was pretty alarmed when TVL send him a final demand for payment. It transpired that he'd actually been £1 short on the payment, which was enough to provoke the TVL bully boys into their usual downward spiral of intimidatory correspondence.

Being a law abiding person Mr Puri was horrified at the threat of a £1,000 fine over his £1 oversight, so he quickly rang TVL to sort the matter out. He received a rude awakening when his offer of settlement was refused by the dysfunctional organisation. Instead he would have to request a refund, always a ball ache of petty bureaucracy, so that he could make a full payment all over again. It appears that as good as their database is (or rather not) they are unable to relate two different payments to the same address.

To make matters worse Mr Puri was warned that if he watched his TV in the meantime he would be breaking the law and could face legal redress.

Another brilliant example of TVL customer service.

Fishburn Hedges (who, as subscribers to our feed, will undoubtedly read this article soon): Is it any wonder that a sizable chunk of the population think your TVL puppet masters are a bunch of worthless twats?

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