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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Do You Know This Man?

Another fascinating insight into the life of the lesser spotted TV Licensing scab appeared on YouTube a few days ago.

You can tell he works for TVL from the weird spacing between his eyes, vacant expression on his face and chunky folder he carries. Also no legitimate cold caller would have the arrogance to do what he's about to.

The TVL salesman, nicknamed Corsa Boy by the uploader, paid a surprise visit to his home. After banging on the door Corsa Boy disappeared around the side of the house and into the back garden to have a good look through the windows. No doubt he was a burglar in a former life and was casing the place for a future job. It's certainly difficult to imagine why any law abiding person would vanish into someone else's back garden uninvited.

Unable to find a television to steal on this occasion Corsa Boy revisited the front door, rattled the letter box a few more times and then drove away (presumably in a Corsa).

As I always say, videos like this are gold dust. The sight of someone filming stops TVL dead in their tracks. Keep your camera charged up and by the door for such an eventuality.

If anyone knows who Corsa Boy is we'd be delighted to name and shame him.

Fishburn Hedges: Maybe you'd care to put some PR spin on why this creature feels the need to illegally rummage around someone's private property?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Surely, as Corsa man was trespassing in the back garden, the householder would have been justified in taking him for a burglar & laying into him with a cricket bat?