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Sunday, 14 December 2008

TVL Contractor Booted After Deceitful Mailshots

The BBC has terminated the contract of the company responsible for TV Licensing's mail.

The Corporation was forced to axe Proximity London after a Daily Telegraph investigation revealed that 6.6 million dishonest letters had been sent on TV Licensing's behalf over the last three years.

The letters carried inaccurate figures for the number of licence fee evaders caught. One version stated that 33,781 licence fee evaders had been caught in the previous month, another gave a figure of 69,838.

The Telegraph investigation also highlighted what we all know already - many of the signatures at the bottom of TVL's intimidatory letters are faked. This explains why TVL's Val Smith has three different signatures and John Hales two different signatures in circulation.

Read Alex Singleton's Telegraph article for more details.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good old John Hales a fake? I have so much been looking forward to his monthly letters. I showed that out there, somewhere, someone cared. And now I find out that he is just another con-man after my widow's mite.