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Monday, 24 July 2017

BBC Producer in Road Rage Bust Up

An experienced BBC producer has been filmed engaging in an aggressive road rage incident.

Wildlife producer and director Fergus Beeley, who has worked for the BBC since 1989, was filmed launching a tirade of abuse at a family on the M27 near Southampton Airport.

Simon Gale, 33, was driving his family to Portsmouth when their vehicle was involved in a minor collision. Both damaged vehicles pulled off the motorway into a supermarket car park and then Beeley's vehicle, which had not been involved in the collision, pulled up behind.

Footage of the incident shows Beeley, 54, getting rather irate at the Gale family. He approached the front passenger side, where Simon was sat, and called the family "wankers". He also branded Simon's partner Louise Small, who was sat in the drivers seat, an "old slut". Throughout the exchange Simon and Louise's 14-year-old son and his grandmother were sat in the rear of the vehicle.

At one point Beeley, who lives in the Glocestershire village of Badminton, was seen to grab Simon's arms and scream "You're under a citizen's arrest. Put your hands on the car and get ready to die."

We would encourage you to watch the video to see Beeley's behaviour during the rest of the incident. Notice that the Gale family remained fairly passive as the BBC man screamed into Simon's face and shoved him around.

The police arrived at the scene shortly afterwards. Both men made allegations of assault against the other, but neither wanted to pursue the matter.

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Maryon Jeane said...

The BBC is beyond overhaul - it needs to be scrapped. We need to start again. Even when I worked at the BBC (briefly, between school and university), I was appalled at the way people behaved. W1A makes me laugh because it's highly reminiscent of the way in which the BBC worked then and the lack of reality exhibited by the majority of people there. (That's the people who actually work there, not the poor, underpaid and badly-treated artists who actually produce the goods which makes the BBC.)

It's a huge pity that the BBC has a good name around the world. It didn't deserve it when I was there and it doesn't now.

As shown by the appalling behaviour of the idiot in this footage...

Pleepsit Pants said...

LOL, what a silly man!

Anonymous said...

Attenborough's Planet Earth pales in comparison to this wildlife!

nonroadusr said...

The video you posted has vanished.
Here's another version..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C80v_62wyRY

B Goon said...

That's a great catch, I wonder if it was an audition for Fawlty Towers or a training video for the licensing goon's w.....s con 2017. Either way that's got to be better than any of the crap the BBC have ever produced.