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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

TV Licensing: Institutional Dishonesty and Dirty Tactics

For the first time in living memory the mainstream media has sprouted enough of a backbone to challenge the institutional dishonesty and dirty tactics of TV Licensing.

Predictably, the BBC has wheeled out the Director General, Tony Hall, to offer lip-quiveringly sincere apologies, deny all knowledge and pledge a full investigation into "isolated cases" of TV Licensing malpractice.

Hall is demanding answers from TV Licensing operations contractor, Capita. Knowing how Capita operates, we are confident it will have rehearsed the answers it wants to give and Hall wants to hear.

Do you believe the BBC and Tony Hall's claims that they knew nothing about TV Licensing dirty tricks?

Yes, I believe the BBC.
No, I don't believe the BBC.
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Those answers probably wouldn't withstand close scrutiny, but the BBC won't delve too deeply - it will happily accept Capita's pleas of "this never, ever happens and Mr Doyle is a very bad man". Read our past articles and you can be the judge of that.

It's becoming a bit of a BBC habit - people getting screwed right under the noses of management and then management denying all knowledge of wrongdoing.

The fact of the matter, which we wouldn't expect Hall to admit, is that the BBC has known about TV Licensing's unscrupulous tactics for a very long time.

Over the years we have flagged dozens of concerns to the BBC and we know kindred spirits have done likewise. We know that serious concerns about TV Licensing's prosecution process have been raised in writing with the relevant BBC senior manager. She, for whatever reason, is apparently happy to accept Capita assurances that "all is rosy" in the TV Licensing garden.

Don't make the mistake of thinking the BBC wants to put matters right or do the right thing, because it doesn't. The BBC is only concerned about protecting its beloved licence fee. It doesn't really care how it is collected, just as long as it keeps rolling in. This is a situation entirely of the BBC's own making. The BBC sets impossible performance targets for Capita, which it passes down to its doorstep bullies. The only reason the BBC is acting now is because the Daily Mail's brutal public attack has forced its hand.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The BBC are practised con-artists and despicable liars who hide behind Capita and TV Licensing whom they manipulate to do their dirty work for them. Nobody should have to pay a licence fee and be lied to, gaslighted and bombarded with mnemonic circles and Sigil magic mind control when watching their television programmes. They are corporate bullies and get away with doing as they please and changing rules so that they can continue to steal our money. The BBC is a Satanic cult and not a trustworthy source for the provision of News and Media as has been proven by their inability to tell the truth about 9/11 etc. This is not what the public are paying for therefore they have been stealing our money for decades under false pretences and they should be prosecuted and held to account and made to refund licence fee payers all the money they have stolen for not providing the services they purport to provide. I demand refunds now or close the not fit for purpose criminal organisation down.