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Thursday, 10 March 2016

TV Licensing Court Presenter Faces Awkward Questions

But despite being a semi-professional gobshite, Capita spinmeister Chris Christiou didn't have much to say when he was posed a few simple questions about his immoral employment earlier today.

Christiou had been dispensing TV Licensing's unique brand of "justice" at Grantham Magistrates' Court.

We hope to publish a detailed court report in due course.

Unbeknown to Christiou, his patter was being observed from the public gallery by RaymondCox, a member of the TV Licence Resistance forums.

Having positively identified his mark, RaymondCox waited outside the court building until Christiou emerged onto the public road. After pausing for a few moments, RaymondCox reached for his camera and started recording Christiou's response to questioning.

Apart from uttering the words "what are you taking my picture for?", Christiou remained silent throughout the encounter.

Christiou's discomfort at being filmed was evident from his purposeful stride and startled facial expressions. After bounding down the road for a minute or so, the penny finally dropped that he could seek refuge back in the court building. Off he went, tail between his legs, bubbling his heart out to the security staff at the court entrance.

Of course RaymondCox was well within his rights to film and question Christiou out on the public street, so there's nothing the court security staff could do about it.

You can view RaymondCox's video below (Liveleak mirror here). We are grateful to him for allowing us to re-upload the footage to our own channel.

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Hughie said...

Damn fine work there RaymondCox.This scumbag didn't like being under scrutiny did he?
I'm looking forward to your full report.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant video. Thank you for posting and informing us of the tactics of these scam artists who are the lowest form of life.

Anonymous said...

Full report now available on TVLR.

Matt Williams said...

At least this one didn't make empty threats to 'get' the camera man or threaten to have him sued or call him an idiot :)

Anonymous said...

he should be reported for an asbo for doing suitcase parkour stunts on crown property