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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Top Gear Cenotaph Debacle: More BBC Deceit

New footage confirms that a controversial Top Gear stunt did pass within a few feet of The Cenotaph, despite the BBC claiming it didn't.

This story has been done to death elsewhere, so we don't intend going over old ground.

With all the bollocks the BBC has dropped over the years - and there has been a lot of them - you'd think the Corporation would work harder to anticipate problems instead of incompetently lurching from one to the next.

We can't imagine many people would consider it acceptable to burn rubber beside The Cenotaph, so the fact that some faceless BBC bureaucrat sanctioned such a stunt totally beggars belief. That's at least £100k of TV licence fee payer's cash squandered on footage that will never be used.

We do not believe for one moment the BBC's denials of wrongdoing. Had there not been such an immediate public outcry, you can be fairly confident that The Cenotaph, complete with doughnuts and wheel-spinning, would have featured in the final Top Gear programme.

The BBC's lack of reflection, judgement and forethought never fails to disappoint. Whereas most organisations try to learn from mistakes, the BBC tries to surpass them.

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Anonymous said...

Proving yet again that the BBC/TV Licensing/Capita are money stealing liars. This cesspit of an organization should be closed down. They are a propagandist Cabal that spews out disinformation to steal our money. They are despicable.

Death To All Juice said...

So basically a BBC presenter drove a car at speed past a statue that is located in the middle of a road? I honestly don't see what people are getting upset about. It's almost as if a certain anti-BBC newspaper is whipping up a bit of manufactured controversy against an institution they don't like. Sure we should criticise the bloated and out of touch BBC as much as we can but surly there are more important things than this non-story?

Chris (aka TheKnightsShield) said...

@Death To All Juice: You're kidding, right?! The Cenotaph is not just a "statue", it's a war MEMORIAL. When is speeding past a war MEMORIAL a good idea?! It's never a good idea. Period. This blog quite often talks about things that the idiots at the BBC do, so this clearly ISN'T a "non-story".

Anonymous said...

Ah, the statism runs deep in this thread.....

The BBC is an extension of the state.

The military that those men and women were slaughtered for in pursit of corporate profits is an extension of the state.

Ergo, a statue celebrating said slaugther of men and women in defence of the states pursuit of corporate profits is an extension of the state.

And for anyone who has got to this part of my comment seething like a turd due to them not having any ability to use reason and logic because I have dared to say such words......I also served overseas on the frontlines in 2 very recent sandboxes. I know what I'm talking about, do you? Go on, I dare you.........

It is just a slab of rock. Perhaps people should put more of their social justice warrior anger towards preventing politicians and the state slaughtering people, and then plonking slabs of rock everywhere to then glorify said slaughter for the purposes of indoctrinating future generations in thinking that sort of thing is normal.

But alas, that won't happen, as you are all statists.