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Sunday, 13 March 2016

BBC Invites Convicted Child Sex Offender to Plug Record

Like a moth to a flame, it appears the BBC never learns from its past mistakes and misdeeds.

Just a few days after broadcasting an image showing a schoolgirl's knickers on The One Show, it appears that the BBC has dropped yet another clanger by inviting a convicted child sex offender onto Radio 1 to plug his latest single.

Taylor Harris, 24, known as Bonkaz to fans, was jailed in 2010 for groping a 13-year-old girl innocently riding along on her bicycle. He was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 7 years.

Less than a year later Harris was back in trouble with the law, having been involved in the kidnapping of a 22-year-old man with learning difficulties. The victim, Ricky Dellaware, was tied up and pistol whipped, in what the police described as a "particularly harrowing case, whereby a gang deliberately targeted a vulnerable young man and subjected him to the most horrific ordeal".

With a CV like that, it is perhaps unsurprising that the BBC considered Harris a suitable guest to feature in an episode of Annie Mac's Radio 1 programme, which was broadcast last October.

Harris was plugging his latest single You Don't Know, which the presenter lauded as "the hottest record in the world". The background circumstances of Harris' appearance have only just come to light.

A BBC spokesman sought to distance the Corporation from the rap artist, saying: "We weren't aware of Bonkaz's personal history before he became a rapper and would expect anything of this nature to be flagged by an artist's management.

"There are no tracks by Bonkaz currently on the playlist."

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