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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Disgraced BBC Sex Predator Due for Release

A former BBC television and radio presenter convicted of numerous sex crimes against children is set to be released from prison before Christmas.

In April 2013 Stuart Hall, the face of 1970s game show It's a Knock Out, was convicted of 14 counts of indecent assault against children and jailed for 30 months. In May 2014 he was convicted of two further counts of indecent assault and jailed for an additional 30 months. Hall's youngest victim was only 9-years-old at the time she was molested.

Several new allegations have been made against Hall since his imprisonment, including one that he raped a 12-year-old girl. Several of his accusers are seeking damages via the civil courts.

According to media reports, Hall is living quite a comfortable life in HM Prison Wymott near Preston. He is said to occupier a single cell, which is equipped with satellite TV and a DVD player. To earn a few extra quid he works as a tailor, fixing the damaged clothing of fellow lags.

Having clocked up half of his custodial sentence, the 85-year-old former 5 Live football commentator will be due for release on licence shortly before Christmas.

Hall's victims are rightly furious at the leniency of his sentence, with one telling the Daily Mail: "The law is a farce.

"It's just like saying you can go and abuse all these people and all it will cost is a couple of years out of your life. It's nothing. It makes a mockery of everything."

The terms of reference of the Dame Janet Smith Review were broadened to take into account Hall's sex crimes, several of which were perpetrated on BBC premises. In one case, Hall is accused of plying a 14-year-old girl with alcohol and then repeatedly raped her in his BBC Manchester dressing room.

The completed report, much to our continued frustration, lies gathering dust with the BBC clearly very reluctant to release its explosive findings.

But it's only a matter of time before the BBC's darkest secrets are finally revealed to all.

We're waiting.

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