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Monday, 23 November 2015

Recording TV Licensing Goons

We never get bored of watching TV Licensing goon videos.

There is something immensely satisfying about seeing some of TV Licensing's most socially-inadequate employees squirming under the spotlight. Over the years we've seen some absolute corkers - TV Licensing goons hitting their customers, attempting to break into their homes, spying through windows, snooping through gardens and telling lie after lie.

It's even better when the goon is totally oblivious to the fact their sinister tactics have been captured for all to see. Yes, we really could watch TV Licensing goon videos all day long.

Of course if you listen to TV Licensing, or its BBC puppet masters, then all of its goons are retired clergy who would never dream of breaking the rules. Curious then that the camera yields so many examples of TV Licensing malpractice.

One thing we've noticed is that the number of fresh TV Licensing goon videos is on the decline. TV Licensing has apparently wised up to the fact that behind every closed door lies the realistic prospect of YouTube embarrassment and immortality.

About a year ago we saw TV Licensing remove goon surnames for their ID cards, which was no doubt in response to their potential YouTube stardom. Last month TV Licensing ran to the newspapers, its eyes welling with tears and pants dripping with piss, seeking copious amounts of sympathy that some of its bullying goons had allegedly been given their just desserts. 

TV Licensing really doesn't like its goons being filmed, but it is perfectly legal for the occupier of any property to do just that.

Here at the TV Licensing Blog we would always encourage the occupier of a property to passively film any TV Licensing goon that visits. It is perfectly legal for the occupier to film anyone who visits. They do not need the goon's permission to film, nor do they need to publicise the fact they are filming.

The occupier should keep the camera rolling as they stare passively at the goon. They should ensure they obtain continuous footage until the goon is well away from the property, as some goons have a tendency to make false allegations in relation to their retreat.

It is an irrefutable fact that some TV Licensing goons are driven to tell lies in order to hit steep performance targets and earn commission. It is therefore a sensible precaution for the occupier to keep a complete, unadulterated record of the circumstances of any TV Licensing visit.

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