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Saturday, 26 September 2015

BBC Bosses Seek to Delay Damning Review into Culture of Sexual Abuse

Despite previous denials, BBC bosses stand accused of trying to block to publication of a damning report into the history of sexual abuse and blind-eye-turning within the Corporation.

According to investigative news website Exaro, the BBC's most senior figures are terrified at the prospect of the Dame Janet Smith Review findings being released before the Government has agreed the terms of the Corporation's Charter renewal.

Last month investigative journalist Miles Goslett - who first unmasked Savile as one of the most prolific sexual predators of the twentieth century - revealed that BBC bosses are secretly poring over the finer details of Dame Janet's report. The BBC strenuously denies having seen the completed report, but this more recent news appears to contradict that denial.

Whitehall and BBC insiders claim that the contents of the report are so damaging that they cast into serious doubt the future existence of the national broadcaster.

A BBC insider told Exaro: "The key element (of the report) is management's knowledge and tolerance of abuse over decades".

The BBC's public stance is that publication of the long-awaited report has been delayed at the request of the Metropolitan Police Service, as its contents could be prejudicial to an ongoing police investigation.

However, a second apparently well-placed BBC source confirmed to Exaro that the final report contains only a tiny amount of prejudicial information. That information could be easily redacted to allow publication of the report in a slightly edited format.

A Whitehall source told Exaro that the BBC has been planning damage-limitation on the completed report for quite some time. The BBC's Strategy Department is said to have taken the decision years ago that the completed report would either have to be rushed out ahead of Charter renewal, or kept on ice until afterwards.

It comes as no surprise to us here at the TV Licensing Blog that the BBC is spinning and plotting to keep the Dame Janet Smith Review findings under wraps. We have total confidence that the report will confirm what we suspect already: BBC bosses knew Savile was a predatory sex offender, but decided simply to ignore it.

When that does eventually happen, the BBC will be left irreparably damaged. And not before time.

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