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Sunday, 23 August 2015

BBC Secretly Pores Over Damning Savile Report

BBC bosses are secretly poring over a damning report into a catalogue of sexual abuse at the Corporation.

The Dame Janet Smith Review was established in October 2012, shortly after former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile was unmasked as one of the most prolific child sex offenders of the twentieth century.

An earlier Metropolitan Police and NSPCC report claimed that Savile committed at least 23 sex crimes on BBC premises, but Dame Janet's report is expected to reveal that the true number of Savile's victims is many times greater.

Dame Janet's report was completed back in May 2015, but its publication has been delayed at the request of the Metropolitan Police.

According to journalist Miles Goslett, who first unmasked Savile in The Oldie Magazine, sources have claimed that the long-awaited report "tears the BBC apart" and is "much worse than expected".

BBC bosses are apparently braced for severe criticism with the revelation that abuse within the Corporation was more widespread than previously feared. 

The report is expected to confirm that concerns were raised about Savile's behaviour, which the BBC failed to act on.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, an outspoken critic of the BBC, said: "The Dame Janet Smith Review is the BBC’s very own Chilcot Report. It looks suspiciously like the BBC doesn’t want it published while it’s trying to renew its Charter. Victims and witnesses will rightly feel let down by this."

The BBC denied rumours that it had viewed the report findings, which have not yet been released to Savile's victims.

A BBC spokesman said: "Questions about the review should be sent to Dame Janet Smith. We have not seen the report and have no intention of commenting on speculation."

1 comment:

Ray Turner said...

On the one hand we have this paedo ring operating within the BBC and the wider establishment. On the other, we have the BBC working as the driving force behind a popular childrens charity. Am I the only person who feels a little uncomfortable about that situation...?