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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

TV Licensing Goon Knocks on Wrong Door

A TV Licensing goon bore the brunt of an unexpectedly hostile reception when he recently visited a Birmingham property.

Details are still patchy on this one and we cannot be sure of the exact date or location of the incident. Video footage reveals in colourful detail how the TV Licensing goon faced a torrent of abuse from the clearly disgruntled occupier of the property he was visiting.

The video, which can be viewed here (LiveLeak mirror), begins with the occupier emerging from a car parked on the driveway. Catapulting himself from the driving seat, the occupier demanded the goon's ID card and squared up to him.

He accused the goon of bullying his partner and children and made it quite clear that he would not be funding BBC corruption and paedophilia. In the moments that followed the occupier was seen shouting the goon off his property and threatening to "knock the fucking shit" out of him. "Do you think I give a shit about a few more days jail?" added the occupier. 

The goon sheepishly retreated to the street with the occupier in hot pursuit. Eventually the goon, who was wearing a black Karrimor hooded jacket, arrived back at his vehicle. The blue Fiat Bravo, registration number SM08 XJK, was parked about 100 yards further up the road.

For added effect, a police car could be seen parked on the opposite side of the road as the occupier's relentless stream of insults continued to flow.

It really was quite a confrontation. Much as we share the occupier's disapproval of TV Licensing, we are concerned that his behaviour crossed the line. He was overly threatening, aggressive and confrontational and will undoubtedly be receiving a visit from the police.

TV Licensing, just like their BBC bosses, are very happy to threaten innocent people in their homes, but as soon as the boot is on the other foot they scream louder than a teenager pinned in the corner of Jimmy Savile's dressing room.

We actively encourage the filming of TV Licensing goon visits, but reiterate our stance that it must be done in a passive manner and from a safe distance.

Such hostility - even to a low-life TV Licensing goon - cannot be condoned.


Anonymous said...

Didn't stop the arrogant goon asking if he needed a TV Licence though did it

Chris said...

The goon's fiddling in his jacket, I suspect recording it or something. Expecting this one to work out badly for the occuiper, especially as it finishes with threats of "find out where you live".

Admin said...

He might have had a stress ball hidden up there?!

Chris said...

If he did it made a walkie talkie beeping noise when he squeezed it!

Anonymous said...

looked like he was reaching for his gun !!!

Götter Dämmerung said...

Bravo to the TV Licensing Blog for condeming the behaviour of the Legal Occupier on this particular occassion.
Some other resistance forums have not been so vocal about rejecting outright the actions seen in this video even thought it is clearly wrong.

I fear this video is a PR disaster and will show the mainly peaceful LLF community in a negative light by those looking to tar everyone who does not hold a television licence with the same brush.

That said and without making excuses for the Legal Occupier seen here it was only a matter of time before something like this was going to happen as householders become increasingly frustrated by TV Licensings aggressive inquiry methods that belong in the dark ages.

Lets hope for everyones sake that the next video we see is not one involving a fatality.