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Sunday, 19 October 2014

TV Licensing Commentary on Manx Radio

Two massively deserved hat-tips today: firstly to Manx Harry for sending his thoughts about TV Licensing goons into Manx Radio; secondly to presenter Stu Peters for reading them out live on air.

Manx Harry, otherwise known as manxharrymonk on YouTube, penned an email to Stu Peters, host of the weekday Talking Heads programme on Manx Radio, all about TV Licensing's much publicised visit to the Island. 

Stu read the email out part way through his show on Friday, 17th October 2014.

The text of Manx Harry's email went as follows:

I see that it's reported that TV Licensing are sending their goon squad back to the Island to dish out some more doorstep harassment in the coming weeks.

I'd just like everybody to know that these so-called "enforcement officers" that they send out to knock on doors, have no more authority than the Avon lady or someone selling dusters or double glazing. They are basically salesmen who work for a private company called Capita, who have the contract to collect the TV licence fee.

These goons that come around people's homes are self-employed and receive a salary of around £17,000 per year, but they also collect £20 commission for every TV licence that they sell.

The best way to deal with these cold callers is to simply not answer the door unless you're expecting a visitor. If you are unlucky enough to encounter one of these people on the doorstep: don't confirm that you live at the address; don't confirm your name or any of your other personal details either; and never sign anything that they hand to you; and never ever let them into your home; and if possible video your encounter with them. (Stu: We've all got a video camera by the front door!) Simply close the door and get on with what you were doing.

These TV Licensing people have absolutely no legal powers whatsoever, but a lot of people don't understand this. (Stu: You're right. You're right. A lot of people don't understand that).

People can find all the information they need for dealing with TV Licensing at www.tvlicenceresistance.info, or check out all the TV Licensing goon videos on YouTube.
Couldn't have put it any better myself.

Well done to Manx Harry and thanks to Stu for reading the email to his listeners.

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Fred Bear said...

I see from a Manx discussion forum:


that someone has spotted a grey van with a 5 foot aerial on top and thinks it might be a detector van.

Maybe it's an old Post Office detector van that's travelled through time?