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Saturday, 14 September 2013

TV Licensing: Call Centre Water Torture

TV Licensing has been criticised for the overwhelming number of options customers face if they telephone for advice.

TV Licensing is a trading name used by the companies contracted by the BBC to undertake TV licence enforcement and administration work. The contractor responsible for call handling is Capita Business Services Ltd. Calls to TV Licensing's 0300 790 6131 number, which can also be used for goon fishing reports, cost the same as calls to a standard geographic number.

The most recent Please Press 1 Phone Rage Index names TV Licensing as the fifth most annoying call handler in the UK. Anyone calling for "assistance" faces a baffling array of 71 options spread over 7 different menus. Full details of all the options can be viewed on this page.

Anyone wishing to speak to an actual TV Licensing person, not that we recommend it, faces almost one and a half minutes of irritating menu options before being connected in the right direction. In all likelihood they will then have to wait even longer for a call handler to become available.

One furious caller told the Please Press 1 website: "There are four levels of options before you can actually speak to somebody, even then I got blasted by loud Beethoven classical music - very frustrating!"

Only HMRC, Currys/PC World, BT and T-Mobile performed worse in the Phone Rage Index than TV Licensing.

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Anonymous said...

Phoning the call centre is as you say not advisable but their staff have been known to drop some clangers in the past during 'investigative calls'.

Elliot confirmed the hand held device doesn't detect live broadcasts and that the vans are just used to carry the goons about.

One of them even told me I was perfectly entitled to slam the door straight in a goons face-so I did!

Cameron Skinner said...

Once you find out the person at your door is a TV licensing goon you should never ever say anything to him or her unless it's "bugger off"...