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Sunday, 23 June 2013

TV Licensing Threaten Cancer Patient

We're rarely surprised at how low TV Licensing stoop in their relentless quest to generate revenue for the BBC, but even we had to take a second look at this article.

Eamonn Prunty, 73, from Omagh, bought a TV licence months ago, but that minor detail hasn't deterred TV Licensing from sending their monthly poison-pen letters demanding money with menaces.

Speaking to the Ulster Herald Eamonn, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, said he "had enough to contend with" without being terrorised by TV Licensing's threat letters. He wrote a cheque to cover the £145.50 licence fee on 4th April. His bank confirmed that TV Licensing took payment a few days later, but that didn't stop them sending one of their rumbustious red-daubed threatograms at the end of April.

Eamonn continues: "I have received two letters since (paying) and they have threatened me with court action.

"They say they will send people out to the house. I'm receiving chemotherapy at Belfast City Hospital and this is causing me a lot of confusion – they are just harassing me."

It's a very familiar story.

In the interests of balance the Ulster Herald also spoke to one of TV Licensing's PR harlots: "We would like to apologise for any concern we may have caused Mr Prunty. We are keen to resolve this matter as quickly as possible, but need some more information from him to allow us to trace his payment.

"We have attempted to call Mr Prunty, and have written to him to ask him to get in touch with more information."

So there you have it, straight from the PR harlot's mouth: They have taken his money, but their database and payment systems are that crap that they don't know where it has gone!

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33_hertz said...

How disgusting.