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If you use equipment to receive live broadcast TV programmes, or to watch or download on-demand programmes via the BBC iPlayer, then the law requires you to have a licence and we encourage you to buy one.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

TV Licensing Voyeurs Spying on Children?

Regular readers will know that using television, ergo having a TV licence, is one of life's optional extras instead of a default setting.

The law is abundantly clear that a TV licence is only needed for properties where equipment is used to receive or record live broadcast television programmes. Sadly, that unambiguous fact of law doesn't deter TV Licensing from trying to coerce fee payment from everyone, whether they need a TV licence or not.

One of TV Licensing's favourite ploys to scare money from people is to send their employees, affectionately referred to as goons, to spy on the legally-licence-free in their homes. As goons receive a commission payment every time they "detect" an unlicensed television or sell a TV licence they will stop at virtually nothing to ramp up their success rates.

We have previously heard tales of TV Licensing staking out TV-free properties for days on end simply to terrorise the occupant, who has no legal need for a licence whatsoever, into buying one. TV Licensing sink to the lowest depths of depravity in their relentless quest to generate revenue for the BBC. The BBC, the statutory Licensing Authority, know only too well the deceptive and intimidatory tactics employed by TV Licensing and allow them to happen.

Today's YouTube offerings bear out everything we have said above. Two TV Licensing employees were sat in their "covert" plain white VW Transporter van conducting surveillance on a legally-licence-free property. According to the occupier, he noticed the unusual vehicle parked outside his 9-year-old daughter's bedroom window on several occasions and was alarmed to see a lens pointing in that direction.

Understandably incensed at the idea that some unknown pervert might be habitually staring into his young daughter's bedroom the occupier marched outside to challenge the uninvited voyeurs. In the one-sided exchange that follows, the irate father confronts the men, employees of Capita Business Services Ltd.  He brands them perverts and invites them to show their faces clearly to the camera.  We can only imagine the loose bowels and lack of backbone that prevents them from doing so

The occupier helpfully summarises the situation for the benefit of the camera: "This is the pervert here that's been doing it... him and his filthy buddy in the back with his camera... no wonder you're covering yourself up mate. You're disgusting! A disgusting old pervert!"

One of TV Licensing's "detector vans".

Not featured in the video is the fact that the occupier phones the police to report TV Licensing's sinister behaviour, only to be told the police knew they were mounting surveillance on his home.

Capita will be going into overdrive that this footage has been published on YouTube. They will be frantically telling legal half-truths in an effort to have it removed. Download it quickly before they have the chance.

Edit: True to form TV Licensing, who arrogantly think can censor the web, managed to get Google to pull to original YouTube video. Unfortunately for them a lot of people took our advice and downloaded it, so it is now on LiveLeak for people to enjoy. Here's the direct link.

Clarification: We are happy to clarify that only the goon operating the detection equipment, who is sat in the rear of the van throughout the video, will have aimed detection equipment through the windows of the target property in question. The driver was unlikely to have done so.


33_hertz said...

Thanks for this post. Copy d/loaded.

Anonymous said...

Does the fact that they were carrying out surveillance give them the right to photograph a child through their bedroom window? Lets not forget paedophile Daniel Lishman who was jailed for life after using his job as a TV licensing officer to help him carry out a string of sex offences against children.

If they wanted to get evidence of someone watching or recording TV as it is broadcast without a licence, why didn't they use their 'TV detector van'? The fact that these scum were skulking around outside with a camera is categorical proof that no such detection equipment exists (as if any more proof were needed). This also means that any time they have used detection equipment 'evidence' to obtain a search warrant they have committed perjury, a serious criminal offence.

Anonymous said...

I too have my copy of the video.

So this is the all seeing eye that is the detector van that operates with frightening efficiency? I too PMSL at the technology they use. Apparently its so secret that even the departments that worked on it didn't communicate with each other about it. Van, man and a camera or binoculars. Oh and a dirty rainmac for good measure.