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Friday, 18 May 2012

TV Licensing Censors Detector Van Pervert Video

A couple of days ago we brought you the story of two TV Licensing employees, who were apprehended after an irate father saw them spying towards his daughter's window.

The victim's father was so infuriated by TV Licensing's perverse invasion into family privacy that he jumped in his car and followed their fleeing VW Transporter "detector van". Cornered in a country lane, like rats paddling around a bucket of piss, the two TV Licensing spies were confronted about the sinister undertones of their less than covert surveillance.

It was all very enlightening stuff.

Sadly, that video proved just too embarrassing for TV Licensing and they have exerted their "authority" on YouTube to have it removed. The BBC has previously admitted that Capita, the TV licence operations contractor, is under the arrogant assumption it can dictate web content to Google.

The hypocrisy of the BBC is beyond the pale. They like nothing better than exposing crooks on shows like Watchdog and Rogue Traders, but are less keen to have the Stalinist tactics of TV Licensing agents broadcast around the world.

The video in question has already been re uploaded to YouTube.

View it here.

Edit: We're now on the third incarnation of this video and it's only been around for 48 hours. TV Licensing really must want to hide it badly, given their regular removal requests to YouTube.

Edit: The video has again been removed from YouTube. Someone has now uploaded it to LiveLeak instead.


Anonymous said...

Just tried to access tv license resistance web site but it's been suspended. Anyone know why?

Hieronymous said...

This seems to happen from time to time. It's back now though.